Motor City Casino Jackpot

Motorcity Casino Hotel Tickets Buy Motorcity Casino Hotel Tickets. As the loser of the hand, Scott received the largest portion of the bad beat jackpot, $427,452.52, while Kenneth got $213,712.76. There were four other players at the table, each receiving $106,856.28 just for folding (this was a ten-max table, too, so they were fortunate the table wasn't full).

The entertainment complex is comprised of an expansive gaming space including a smoke-free gaming area and an award winning 400-room ultra-comfortable and high tech hotel with a luxury spa and fitness center MotorCity Casino Hotel offers several unique dining options including Iridescence, an Award-winning fine dining restaurant, Little Caesars, the Assembly Line buffet, the Lodge Diner, Pit Stop and the Grand River Deli.

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Bad beat jackpots appear to be the new black, as it was only last August that the Playground Poker Club in Montreal set a new Canadian record when its bad beat jackpot paid out a total C$1.21m (US$971k), of which C$460k went to the player who snatched defeat from the jaws of near-victory.

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MotorCity Casino earlier this week was the site of the largest "Bad Beat" jackpot in United States history, with six players walking away with six-figure paydays — including the biggest "loser," who earned the lion's share of the prize pool, $427,452.

Motorcity Casino Club Metro motorcity casino club metro Motorcity Casino Club Metrosheldon adelson house best slots online usa players gulf coast casinos mapMotorCity Casino Hotel is a completely new Detroit luxury hotel, conference, banquet hall and hotel meeting concept built from the ground up.

The casino's decision angered the two players directly involved, along with the other 80-odd players who stood to collect some small piece of the jackpot. A nearly $1.07 million poker bad beat jackpot just hit in Detroit's Motor City Casino, the largest in U.S. history.

A straight flush only wins them the much much smaller bad beat jackpot. The MGM Grand Detroit is one of three casino resort hotels in Detroit, Michigan, and one of four in the Detroit-Windsor area. MotorCity Casino & Hotel details page: This casino is found in Detroit, Michigan.

It is one of three casino hotels in the city, and one of four in the Detroit-Windsor area. There is a different bad beat jackpot table that is more traditional, where the losing hand must be Aces full of Kings or better and can be beaten by anything. MotorCity Casino Hotel is a casino and hotel in Detroit, Michigan.

Usually, a casino or online poker room has a minimum strength for the losing hand; it could be quads, maybe quad Jacks or higher, or even a straight flush. But for one MotorCity Casino patron, it was a life-changing moment. And second, all of the bad beat jackpot's money is distributed when it is hit: 40 percent goes to the winner, 20 percent goes to the loser, and 40 percent is split evenly among the other players dealt into the hand.

The MGM Grand Detroit is an opulent casino resort in downtown Detroit, MI. Locals & visitors will find unrivaled luxury rooms, the best in casino gaming, the biggest names in entertainment, and the hottest restaurants & clubs. The poker room at Detroit's MotorCity Casino has awarded the largest bad beat jackpot in US history.

As is always the case with bad beat jackpots, the hand must reach showdown and both the winning and losing hands must include both hole cards. The progressive jackpot, built over months of play, was hit Tuesday, MotorCity Casino announced. The bad beat at MGM Grand Detroit is around $55,000.

A straight flush only wins them the much smaller bad beat jackpot. Turns out, it was also the largest bad beat jackpot in U.S. history. A bad beat jackpot of over a million dollars was hit at the Motor City Casino in Detroit when quad queens beat quad threes. The player with the winning hand receives 20 percent, and the remaining players at the table, up to eight of them, split the remaining 40 percent.

MotorCity Casino has established itself as the most popular of Detroit's three poker rooms, mostly because of the size of its "Bad Beat" jackpot. The poker bad beat progressive jackpot is at a ridiculous record high. On Tuesday, January 16th, what was reportedly the largest bad beat jackpot in United States history was hit at Detroit's Motor City Casino poker room.